The ADRSA is thrilled to welcome Eliciana Nascimento and her highly acclaimed short film, The Summer of Gods, to our 2015 African and Diasporic Religions Film Festival to be held Saturday, April 4, 2015 at Harvard University. The Summer of Gods premiered at Cannes film Festival in 2014, won the Spirit Award and Best Cinematography at the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and won the Special Recognition for Directing Narrative Award at the Black Star Film Festival. We are proud to have it make its Boston debut at our Festival and to have Eliciana join us for a discusssion following the film.

Eliciana was born and raised in Brazil where she grew up among African-influenced religions with her family being rooted in Candomblé and Umbanda traditions. The Summer of Gods tells the story of a young girl named Lili who unites with her Afro-Brazilian religious ancestry on a summer visit with family to their ancestralvillage in rural Brazil. During her stay, she encounters Orishas who help her find peace with a gift that has previously vexed her.

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View the trailer below: