"Ase Pa Ti" copyright Najaa Young, Featured Artist

Black Spirit, Black Power: Africana Religions and Liberation
Friday, April 19, 2019 | Southern University at New Orleans


The African and Diasporic Religious Studies Association (ADRSA) in association with the Center for African and African American Studies at Southern University at New Orleans (CAAAS-SUNO) is proud to present its seventh conference on the theme Black Spirit, Black Power: Africana Religions and Liberation. 

Freedom is a high virtue in Africana cosmologies with some asserting, even, that we select our own destinies before coming to earth to live out our lives. As such, bondage—whether physical, mental, or spiritual—represents the antithesis of Africana spiritual sensibilities and a type of imbalance or dis-ease to be remedied. With balance, equilibrium, and respect for human dignity as their paramount principles, Africana religions have offered ritual remedy to all manners of oppression and served as liberative forces continuously pushing against the global realities of racism, antiblackness, and Afrophobia. This conference will explore this interplay and invites proposals on topics including but not limited to:

- Meanings of freedom and liberation within Africana theologies and philosophies
- Historical moments highlighting Africana religions as liberative forces
- Africana religious and community leaders and their activism
- Case studies of Africana religions in action as liberative forces 

Submissions must center one or more African Indigenous (Ndebele, Yoruba, Kongo, Dagara, Eedyi, Igbo, Shona, etc.) or African Diasporic (Vodou, Lukumi, Umbanda, Shango Baptist, Kumina, Ifa, Revival Zion, etc.) spiritual/religious traditions. Scholar-practitioner perspectives are especially welcomed. Graduate students and junior scholars encouraged to apply.

For consideration, please submit a 500-word abstract, a 100-250-word bio, and Curriculum Vitae by February 15, 2019. 

Submit your proposal here, contact info@ADRSA.org with questions