Join the Congress of Santa Barbara (KOSANBA) for an exciting colloquium entitled "Trees Take Us to the Gods: Vodou and the Environment" to be held during the Haitian Studies Association conference October 21-25, 2015 in at the Universite de Montreal in Quebec. Proposals are due by May 31.

This forum hopes to include the contributions of researchers, scholars, and practitioners in Vodou and other African-derived systems. KOSANBA welcomes papers/presentations on issues such as, though not limited to:
* New and old theoretical lenses and frameworks for discussing sacred knowledge
* Shifting religious practices and ideology
* Worldviews and “world sense” in the context of nature
* Philosophical and cosmological beliefs and attitudes embedded in nature/environment
* Nature's role in restoration and equilibrium
* Environmental concerns and healing practices
* Religious healing in the face of natural disasters
* Water, earth, fire and their roles in Vodou
* Vodou and ecology
* Medicinal plants and their curative function
* Manje Lwa and ritual feeding of the spirit
* Kombit and agricultural contracts
* Arts and other curative practices used for healing and restoring universal balance
* Importance of mortuary rites and burial practices in maintaining cosmic order
* Dynamics of religious communities in new environments, new nations, and peyi blan
* The transformation of lives for new converts and initiates away from the native land

For more information visit KOSANBA's website here.