ADRSA has added a film festival to our roster of events for our inaugural conference to be held April 5, 2013 at Harvard University! Join us on Saturday April 6 beginning at noon at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School as we screen the following films:

12 noon: The Other Side of the Water

Part-carnival, part-vodou ceremony, and grassroots protest, “Rara” is one of the most breathtaking and contested forms of music in the Americas. The Other Side of the Water follows a group of young immigrants who take an ancient music from the hills of Haiti and reinvent it on the streets of Brooklyn. The journey of this unlikely band offers a unique insight into the Haitian-American experience -- a rare glimpse into a world of music, spirituality, and cultural activism.

1:15 pm: Voices of the Gods

This documentary captures the rich legacy of ancient African religions practiced today in the United States. It provides viewers with rare insight into the practices and beliefs of the Akan and Yoruba religions and illustrates how mass media has been used to ridicule and denigrate these belief systems. It also provides intimate and respectful studies of an Egungun ancestral communion ceremony and daily life in the Yoruba village of Oyotunji in Sheldon, South Carolina, the only traditional African village of its kind in the U.S. today.

2:30 pm: Dances of Ecstasy

Dances Of Ecstasy is an award winning documentary that studies the global experience of achieving ecstasy through dance. From Whirling dervishes to Orisha priestesses to Shamans, the documentary celebrates the universal human experience where rhythm and dance unite us.

Light refreshments will be served. Guests are welcome to bring lunch.

Film festival sponsored by Third World Newsreel visit their website to purchase films like these and more!