Since our first symposium in 2012, the ADRSA has featured a work of art by an artist who works in African and Diasporic religious themes and which captures the conference theme. This year, the chosen piece is entitled "Destiny" by Deanna Oyafemi Lowman, our 2016 featured artist. Created in mixed media of ink and watercolor, "Destiny" (above left) reflects Ms. Lowman's multiple talents as she works in varied media including film and digital photography, ink, watercolor, and metal to produce unique pieces of visual and wearable art.

Ms. Lowman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Colorado at Denver and her acclaimed thesis show Òrìṣà●Orixá●Orisha featured a series of self-portraits of Ms. Lowman as the various Orisa or defied spirits of the Yoruba Ifa-Orisa religion, of which she is a practitioner (above right, Ms. Lowman as the Orisa Oya). Of the series, Ms, Lowman says: "I ventured to my innermost core that fosters my connection to the divinities. I called upon them to embody my flesh and present themselves through my physical character." See some of Ms. Lowman's work below and join us at our Conference on April 8 where she will speak about her art and process as ritual and spiritual technologies.    

Self-portrait as Osun

Self-Portrait as Ogun

Wearable art, earrings in hammered copper