The ADRSA is delighted to welcome Duwayne Washington as our 2015 featured artist. HIs digital painting, "Instantaneous cowry shell" (above right) was selected as our featured conference image, and will grace our poster and conference program.

Duwayne originally hails East Orange, NJ and now resides in Tallahassee, FL with his wife and two children. He began producing art almost 20 years ago and has, in that time, amassed a prolific body of work -- from drawings, to oil paintings, to photographs, and more --  much of which is focused on African and Diasporic themes. Of his work and process, Duwayne says:

Creativity is an amazing divine gift from The Creator. I am thankful everyday to have the focus and passion to be creative. I have a lot to say in my work. I am trying to achieve a balance between content and transcendental clairvoyance. I am listening to my intuition to hear what the artistic accidents reveal to my consciousness and follow them. I enjoy how time and space stops while engaged in the "Art Zone." Artists are, in my opinion, psychics whose channel is the paintbrush and canvas. I want to open myself up to the voice leading me to the inspiration and listen. 

Click here for more on Duwayne and to view and purchase his art.
View a few samples below.

"Touch of Shango" - Photograph

"African Fertility Statue" - digital painting

"Child of the Sea 2" - Watercolor on Paper