The ADRSA is pleased to announce Yemanjá:Wisdom from the African Heart of Brazil as a featured film for 2016 conference and film festival to be held April 8-9, 2016 at Harvard University. Produced and directed by Donna Roberts, Yemanjá offers a look into the Brazilian
Candomblé faith and explores it's history, social challenges and triumphs, community ties and earth-based wisdom.
The film's story is told primarily through the voices of select women leaders of Candomblé, most of them respected elders. These women are not only keepers of the wisdom of this largely oral tradition, but they are also outstanding references in the wider communities in which they live. They create and support social and environmental campaigns and causes; they write books and public policy; they are sought after wise women within their spiritual communities and throughout their regions.

Check out the trailer below and join us on Saturday, April 9, 2016 for a screening and discussion with producer/director Donna Roberts.